11 Plus

At the Tutor Group we understand that making a decision about secondary school choices can be a daunting one, especially when facing this for the first time. We are at hand to support you and advise you as to entry requirements and entrance exam.

Our 11+ course is targeted at students who wish to sit the 11+ for state grammar school as well as selective independent schools across South West London and Surrey.


The 11+ application process can vary from school to school and across boroughs. It can, at first glance, seem overwhelming for parents. As we become familiar with your child’s skills and talents we can provide guidance for the type of schools that might be suitable for your child. Furthermore we can guide you through the application process.


At the Tutor Group we have created a curriculum which encompasses the different questions that can appear in the exams. As a result students are prepared for answering the most challenging of these.

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We ensure all students have an understanding of the structure, format and the underlying rationale of the questions they are being asked to tackle.


Furthermore students develop the study skills and exam techniques which are essential not just for 11+, but for the all exams that your child will have to face during their education.


All lessons are supplemented with regular homework to consolidate and enhance the understanding that occurs in lessons.


An integral part of the process is regular formative feedback to parents. This feedback allows parents to make informed decisions about the best school options for their child.

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When to Begin?

It is recommended that students start preparation towards the end of year 4. This gives them sufficient time to cover all of the content required and remove obstacles in their learning before the main examination prep begins.


Children need to have excellent numerical skills and work at speed so a good grounding in these areas is essential. They must also have excellent literacy skills.


At the outset of Year 5 the main examination preparation begins.


If your decision to start tuition comes later on do not despair. After an initial assessment I will be able to advise you and prepare a bespoke programme for your child.

What will your child study?

  • Verbal reasoning.
  • Non verbal reasoning
  • Maths
  • English

Mock Test are given regularly to monitor students’ progress and each student is provided with a termly Personal Learning Checklist to support their learning.

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Which Schools?


Selective Grammar School

Nonsuch High School Girls, Wallington Girls School, Tiffin Girls School, Tiffin Boys School, Wallington County Grammar School, Wilsons School, Sutton Grammar School.


Independent Schools

Wimbledon High, Putney High, Lady Eleanor Hollis, Surbiton High School, Notre Dame, Sutton High School, Kingston Grammar, Ibstock, The Hall School Wimbledon, Claremont Fan, Hampton Boys, Kings College, Reeds School, Whitgift.

Emma and the Tutor Group made a massive difference to how my daughter felt about taking the 11+ and Common Entrance Exams. Emma’s skill got my daughter through the Sutton 11+ and the Entrance Exams for several schools. Emma skilfully managed to instil confidence and a positive mind-set that she had the ability to do it. My daughter came away from lessons happy and excited about the progress she was making. As a parent the regular feedback was really helpful as it made me feel part of the process.