About Emma

At The Tutor Group we are passionate about tutoring children and helping them excel. Our programmes are designed to unlock a child’s potential. Furthermore we believe every child matters.

Why choose The Tutor Group?

Whether you decide that your child will study an 11+ programme or they require support with SATs, literacy, numeracy or EAL, getting the right tutor is vital. At the tutor group we take pride in the integrity of our programmes and the progress our students make.


Our sessions are taught in a relaxed atmosphere either from the comfort of your own home or in Raynes Park. We personalise our programmes so every child receives individual targets.


The relationship between the tutor and the parents is essential in order to gain the most from the process. We are at hand to support you every step of the way of the way.


Main Tutor

I am a former Assistant Headteacher with over 20 years teaching experience. I have taught both internationally - at one of the top schools in South East Asia - and in London.


Supporting children to pass examinations and achieve the highest possible results across all of their subjects was my main area of responsibility. I understand the pressure children can feel and manage this in a supportive and caring manner. Furthermore I teach students how to manage their time, focus on their strengths whilst developing their weaknesses.


Education is my passion. I enjoying seeing children succeed and develop in their learning. I specialise in teaching 11+ programmes as well as KS2 SATS.


I have experience of working with both secondary and primary students within a classroom and tutoring environment. I believe that a child needs to be stimulated and interested in the work in order for them to succeed. It is with this in mind that I plan exciting lessons that engage and challenge students.

Girls learning

Furthermore my experiences have taught me that the overall success of a child depends on developing their intrinsic motivation and their desire to learn. My tutoring programmes tap into these concepts.


In addition to my own teaching commitments I monitor and evaluate the sessions taught by my colleagues to ensure the high standards of The Tutor Group are maintained.


My Aims

I believe that every child is an individual and as a result each of my tutoring sessions are tailored to each child’s needs. Whether they attend a one-to-one or a group session I put every child at ease by developing a rapport with them. It is important that every child leaves their session with a sense of achievement. I am passionate about teaching which I believe comes across within my lessons.