KS1 and KS2 tutoring
KS1 and KS2 Tutoring

KS1 and KS2 Tutoring

Our KS1 and KS2 tutoring is totally bespoke and personalised to the needs of your child. Whether you have one specific focus or a range of areas, we will devise a programme to meet your child’s needs.

The process


As a parent your decision to tutor your child may be based on several factors, we discuss these with you before embarking on any tutoring course. We will assess your child’s levels and their strengths and weaknesses over several sessions (depending on your child’s age). We will then devise a personalised programme with clear goals, targets and timeframe.


Example courses

  • Year 1 accelerated reading.
  • Phonics and synthetic phonics.
  • SATs booster sessions ( KS1 and 2)
  • Developing study skills
  • Developing confidence.
  • Improving English and Maths levels.

Year 6 SATs sessions

We run a series of sessions to prepare students for the KS2 SATs based on the new National Curriculum levels. Students are given the opportunity to practise exam questions in each of the different papers they will be sitting.


We can tailor these courses to either all aspects of SATs or one specific paper.



Based on the new Key Stage 2 curriculum we study concepts in depth and learn the theory and rationale behind the questions. Students will improve their arithmetic skills and mental maths skills as well as learning areas such as geometry algebra and fractions.



Students develop their writing skills including spelling punctuation and grammar. They develop their ability to structure and plan work in a variety of styles of writing. Students learn the comprehension skills required. Understanding the question and how to answer the question as well as inference is a major focus of the comprehension programme of study.