Tutoring Intro

At the Tutor Group we believe that every child is an individual and as a result each of our tutoring sessions are tailored to each child’s needs whether they attend a one-to-one or a group session. Every child is put at ease by developing a rapport with them and we use a wide range of teaching styles to ensure the sessions are interesting. It is important that every child leaves their session with a sense of achievement. We are passionate about teaching which we believe comes across within our sessions.


The Tutor Group has an integrated approach to tutoring and delivers a personalised programme for your child using some of the most up to date methods in education. Our methods not only develop your skills in the chosen area but develop your child’s confidence.


Every student we teach is unique and we tailor my programmes to meet their needs. We are committed to challenging students in a comfortable and happy environment.

Our Courses all provide:

  • Outstanding teaching
  • Caring tutors (DBS Checked)
  • Develop student's potential and self confidence
  • Lessons tailored to meet all student's need.
  • Support for both child and parent during the process.
  • Regular assessment to monitor students’ progress
  • Regular meetings and reports provided.
  • Develop students’ independent learning skills and encourage autonomous learning.


We set homework regularly to consolidate the learning that has taken place during a session. In addition homework allows students to reflect on what they have learnt and provides deeper meaning. Parents are asked to ensure that students complete homework


Communication with parents/ carers

It is important that as parent/careers you are fully aware of your child’s progress and their strengths and weaknesses. Each student is provided with a half termly tutoring report which identifies progress and targets for improvement

The Personal Learning Checklist I use to monitor your child’s progress ensures that both child and parents is fully aware of where to focus. This is a vital tool for students studying an 11+ programme.


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Tutoring philosophy